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Impact Doors Services in Miami

Impact Doors Services in Miami

The impact doors consist of tested and approved materials and can work for severe weather conditions. The impact doors have specialized polyurethane foam cores composed of thick, wood fiberglass skins and composite reinforcement that will protect you and your family in the event of a storm. In addition, strengthened door hinges and door-frames guarantee, under any conditions, that the door does not go anywhere.

Professional Impact Doors Installation Services

H & L Glassworks Inc is here to make things easier for you. Our impact doors services in Miami by specialists ensure efficient working doors and unique styles that will enhance any space. In addition, our goal is to create the most visually appealing entrances for your home or business. This way, people will be impressed with you before they even walk through your door.

Our impact door installations include complete services. We can now fit you with locks and handles or substitute your old door for the new one. We can also remove any existing doors you may have. Finally, we match the trim and hinges to your specifications and re-seal the insulation for ultimate comfort. 

Impact Doors

H & L Glassworks is a different type of impact windows and doors manufacturer and installer available to Miami, FL homeowners, and business owners. We proudly offer durable products built to resist the impact of flying debris which can even eliminate the need for adding additional protection to your home during the stress of pre-hurricane preparations.

The H & L Glassworks experts are determined to help you achieve the best impact doors to provide you safety & peace of mind. To achieve this, H & L Glassworks offers doors that meet our standards by going through product testing and standards set for hurricane-rated doors across the nation.

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Most Asked Questions

We have seven years of experience and have helped thousands of customers.

Florida’s weather can be very challenging. Depending on the quality,  some impact doors can last a lifetime.

Most impact windows and sliding doors come with screens included in the price; however, this is not always the case. Ask us about this if it is essential to you.

There are many styles available for impact doors in the South Florida region. These include single-hung, double-hung, casement, horizontal rolling, fixed, French doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, architectural and project-out windows.

Impact Door Repair Service

Don’t be concerned! H & L Glassworks Inc is the leading impact door repair company and offers expert impact doors services in Miami. We specialize in prompt and comprehensive door repair. We can diagnose problems with your doors on the spot and quickly restore them to perfect working order. Our emergency services are open 24/7! 

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